What is Windshield’s AS-1 Line

AS-1 line is a term used to refer to a demarcation line on the front windshield of a vehicle. The AS-1 line typically extend 5 inches from top of your windshield and in most states it can be tinted (similar to as shown in image).

Tinted AS-1 Line

Tinted AS-1 Line

In most states there are laws regulating the amount of tint that can be applied to the front windshield of a vehicle. These laws often specify that the tint must not extend below the AS-1 line. This is typically to ensure that the driver has an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

The AS-1 line is used as a reference point when applying tint to the front windshield to ensure that the tint meets the requirements of the law. The line is typically marked on the front windshield by the manufacturer, or by the company that installs the tint. The AS-1 designation can be found in bottom or top edge of your windshield.

AS-1 line is typically 5 inches parallel to the top of your windshield. In laws this is often described as the area above the interior rear view mirror, or the area above the reach of windshield wipers. But, you must take a look at our tint laws to see how your state defines it.

You can tint your windshield above AS-1 line or top 5 to maximum 6 inches in most states. Minnesota and Pennsylvania for example are two that do not permit any windshield tint. Most other states permit some kind of windshield tint above AS-1 line, with restrictions including darkness, reflection, and colors.

There are several important reasons why tinting is not legal, and cops tend to be far less forgiving to owners who tint windshields. As such, it’s crucial to review your state’s tint laws to determine if you are allowed to tint vehicle windshields.