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CarTintLaw.com was established in 2013 as a reliable source of easy-to-digest window tint laws for United States. We were one of the first online resources that gathered and published legal tinting information on all 50 states.

Our mission is to help you understand tint laws in US. We are constantly in touch with our legal experts who are always up to date on current legislation. This allows us to provide you with trustworthy and relevant laws.

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Legal research on tint laws is done by our law consultants:

Manuel Portela

Attorney working in New York state with over 10 years of experience. Manuel specializes in traffic law, criminal, DWI, and personal injury.

Jessica Somera

Attorney with 20 years of experience working in Florida. Jessica specializes in traffic tickets, DUI, and criminal charges.

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We have a dedicated page where you can ask any legal questions here. If you need clarification on window tint laws or other traffic laws, our partnered lawyers will be able to give you answers quickly.

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