Tint Law Sources

Our information on tint laws for various states is based on sources linked below, as well as our partnered traffic law experts. We do our very best to keep up with latest information, laws and legislation, but if you find an error you are welcome to contact us.

Alabama Window Tint Laws
Alabama Code Title 32, Chapter 5C: Window tinting and medical exceptions.

Alaska Window Tint Laws
Alaska Statutes Title 28, Article 02: Vehicle Equipment Standards (scroll to section 28.05.081)

Arizona Window Tint Laws
Arizona Revised Statutes section 28-959.01: materials on windows or windshield.

Arkansas Window Tint Laws
Arkansas Section 27-37-306: Light transmission levels for the tinting of motor vehicle windows. (Click on “Title 27″ and navigate to section 27-37-306)

California Window Tint Laws
California Vehicle Code section 26708: Material Obstructing or Reducing Driver’s View

Colorado Window Tint Laws
Colorado Revised Statutes section 42-4-227: Windows unobstructed; certain materials prohibited (open link and click on “Colorado Revised Statutes” folder at left; click though navigation to Section 42-4-227)
Is Window Tinting an Illegal Vehicle Modification? ( Colorado State Patrol)

Connecticut Window Tint Laws
General Statutes of Connecticut, Title 13b, Chapter 246, Section 14-99g
Quick Reference on Tinted Windows (Connecticut DMV)

Delaware Window Tint Laws
Delaware Code Title 21, section 4313: Safety glass; . . .window tinting; and section 4313A: Commercial window tinting. (open link and scroll down to relevant sections)

D.C. Window Tint Laws
District of Columbia Code section 50-2207.02.: Tinted windows prohibited. (open link and click on “Title 50. Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles,” expand “Subtitle VII. Traffic,” then “Chapter 22. Regulation of Traffic,” then “Subchapter IV. Obscured Vision,” to view Section 50-2207.02)

Florida Window Tint Laws
Florida Statutes sections 316.2951 through 316.2956: Windshields and windows. (scroll to sections 316.2951 to 316.2956)

Georgia Window Tint Laws
Georgia Code section 40-8-73.1: Affixing of materials which reduce light transmission or increase light reflectance through windows. (open link and expand “Title 40″ click through navigation to section 40-8-73.1)
Georgia’s New Window Tint Law (State of Georgia)

Hawaii Window Tint Laws
Hawaii Revised Statutes section 291-21.5: Regulation of motor vehicle sun-screening devices; penalty.

Idaho Window Tint Laws
Idaho Statutes section 49-944. Standards for windshields and windows of motor vehicles — prohibited acts — penalty.

Illinois Window Tint Laws
Illinois Vehicle Code Chapter 12, Article V – Glass, Windshields, and Mirrors.

Indiana Window Tint Laws
Indiana Code Title 9, Article 19, Chapter 19: Windows and Windshield Wipers

Iowa Window Tint Laws
Iowa Code Title VIII, Subtitle II, Section 321.438: Windshields and windows. (In left navigation, expand “2007 Merged Iowa Code and Supplement,” then “Statutes,” then “2007 Merged Iowa Code and Supplement,” then “Title VIII: Transportation”)

Kansas Window Tint Laws
Kansas Statutes sections 8-1749a through 8-1749c: One-way glass and sun-screening devices. (in “Table of Contents” select “Chapter 8: Automobiles and Other Vehicles,” then “Article 17: Uniform Act Regulating Traffic: Equipment of Vehicles”)

Kentucky Window Tint Laws
Kentucky Revised Statutes section 189.110: Unobstructed windshields. [PDF file]

Louisiana Window Tint Laws
Window Tint Requirements (State of Louisiana)

Maine Window Tint Laws
Maine Statutes Title 29A section 1916: Reflective and tinted glass

Maryland Window Tint Laws
Maryland Code section 22-406: Safety glazing material in motor vehicles.

Massachusetts Window Tint Laws
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 9D: Windshields and windows obscured by non-transparent materials.

Michigan Window Tint Laws
Michigan Vehicle Code section 257.709: Windshields and windows; prohibitions.

Minnesota Window Tint Laws
Minnesota Statutes section 169.71: Windshield.

Mississippi Window Tint Laws
Mississippi Code section 63-7-59: Windows and window glass generally.

Missouri Window Tint Laws
Missouri State Highway Patrol: Window Tinting – What’s Legal [PDF file]

Montana Window Tint Laws
Montana Code section 61-9-429: Window tinting and sunscreening

Nebraska Window Tint Laws
Nebraska Revised Statutes section 60-6, 257: Windshields and windows; tinting; sun-screening.

Nevada Window Tint Laws
Nevada Revised Statutes section 484.6195: Restrictions on tinting of windshield or side or rear window.

New Hampshire Window Tint Laws
New Hampshire Statutes section 266:58-a: Tinted glass.
New Hampspire Tinted Windows Info.
New Hampshire Medical Waivers Information.

New Jersey Window Tint Laws
Sun-Screening for Medical Reasons ( New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission)

New Mexico Window Tint Laws
New Mexico Statutes section 66-3-846.1: Sun screening material on windshields and windows.

New York Window Tint Laws
New York Consolidated Laws: Vehicle & Traffic (VAT), Article 9, Section 375.12-a: Safety glass and light transmittance; medical exemptions. (scroll to section)

North Carolina Window Tint Laws
Window Tinting (North Carolina DMV)

North Dakota Window Tint Laws
What is the law concerning tinted windows on vehicles? (North Dakota Department of Transportation)

Ohio Window Tint Laws
Ohio Revised Code Section 4513.241: Using tinted glass and other vision obscuring materials.

Oklahoma Window Tint Laws
Oklahoma Statutes section 47-12-422: Restrictions on use of glass coating materials or sunscreening devices on windshields and windows. (open “Title 47. Motor Vehicles” and scroll to relevant section)

Oregon Window Tint Laws
Oregon Vehicle Code section 815.221: Tinting; authorized and prohibited materials; certificate. [PDF file; scroll to section 815.221]

Pennsylvania Window Tint Laws
Window Tinting (Pennsylvania Attorney General)

Rhode Island Window Tint Laws
Rhode Island General Laws Chapter 31-23.3: Non-Transparent Windshields and Windows.

South Carolina Window Tint Laws
South Carolina Code of Laws section 56-5-5015: Sunscreen devices. (scroll to section 56-5-5015)

South Dakota Window Tint Laws
South Dakota Codified Laws sections 32-15-1 through 32-15-15: Safety glass, non-transparent material on windows prohibited.

Tennessee Window Tint Laws
Tennessee Code section 55-9-107: Motor vehicle windows with tinting, reflecting, or sun screen material.

Texas Window Tint Laws
Window Tinting Standards (Texas Department of Public Safety)
Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 1, Chapter 21, Rule §21.3: Standards for Sunscreening and Privacy Window Devices

Utah Window Tint Laws
Can I have tinting on the windows of my vehicle? (Utah Department of Public Safety)
UT Admin Code R714-160 – Equipment Standards for Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Safety Inspections

Vermont Window Tint Laws
Vermont Statutes Title 23, section 1125: Obstructing windshields.

Virginia Window Tint Laws
Code of Virginia section 46.2-1053: Equipping certain motor vehicles with sun-shading or tinting films or applications.
Vehicle Sun-Shading and Medical Waivers (Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles)

Washington Window Tint Laws
Revised Code of Washington section 46.37.430: Safety glazing – sunscreening or coloring.

West Virginia Window Tint Laws
West Virginia Code, Article 17C, Chapter 15, Section 17C-15-36a: Sun-screening devices; penalty (scroll down to Section 17C-15-36a: Sun-screening devices; penalty.)

Wisconsin Window Tint Laws
Wisconsin Statutes section 347.43: Safety glass. [PDF file; scroll to section 347.43]

Wyoming Window Tint Laws
Wyoming Statutes Section 31-5-962: Sunscreening devices. (Open link and scroll down to section 31-5-962)